Welcome to our games section.  We currently have two games (Cash Runner and AHHA First Contact), exclusively for the Android and available now in the Google Play store.


Cash Runner is a 2d game where you are running to collect cash while dodging the cops.  See how long you can  make it until you are brought down by the law.


Alien Human Hybrid Agenda (AHHA) First Contact our newest game.  It’s a 3rd person top down game where you abduct humans to clear levels and collect rewards. But bewared when abducting humans, if they escape, they call the government.  See how humans you can abduct before the humans discover your plans and send you home in a box.

Cash Runner Android Game
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AHHA spotlight

You’re at a lake having a good time when BAM!  You are sucked up in an alien spaceship getting probed.  The Alien Human Hybrid Agenda (AHHA for short) First Contact is kind of like that.  Except for it’s an Android game and there’s no probing.  It’s officially at the Google Play store and available now.  

All Shall Pass

Game Spear Warrior

Cash Runner is a side-scrolling game filled with bullets and cash.  

AHHA First Contact gives you the pros and cons on abducting humans.

Game Warrior Sword