The Roman Empire Games are a “Mom and Pop” game making shop.  We are driven to make games fun and immersive. 

That is why we believe you shouldn’t have to pay $60.00 for a game.  Then on top of that, pay $20.00 every time a new map pack comes out (for that game).  

I’m pointing the finger at you EA!

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-Roman Empire Games


Our mission is to make fun games.

Plain and simple.  Clear and concise.  That’s it.  It really doesn’t get clearer than that.  We want to make games that are fun and exciting.  The “All Nighter” games.  The ones that literally sucked your soul.  The game that you day dreamed about playing while you were at school (or work).  The good thing is we will make fun games by either, free to play (with ad integration) or at a very low price.

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