AHHA First Contact

Alien Human Hybrid Agenda

AHHA (for short) First Contact is a mobile Android arcade style game where you drive a UFO and abduct humans.  Get it now at the Google Play store.  Be one of the first people to try our game and let us know what you think.

Stunning 3D Graphics

Since our last game Cash Runner, we here at the Roman Empire Games have been ramping up our game implementing 3D graphics.  The only downside is the game file size.  It’s about two hundred megabytes.  But those stunning 3D graphics really make up for the file size.

UFO Beam Up
AHHA rating 10 and Up

Everyone Can Play

AHHA First Contact is a game that all ages over 10 and up can play.  Since there is nothing naughty here, we got a rating of 10+. 

Because you know, it’s a game where you drive a spaceship sucking up humans and blowing up people trying to shoot you.  Now what’s wrong with that?

Read the EULA

If you’re bored and have no friends, why don’t you head over and read AHHA First Contact’s End User License Agreement.  It’s filled with a bunch of legal jargon and exciting words just in case our game crashes your device.  We don’t that will happen but our lawyers told us we had to.  

AHHA First Contact mobile android game

AHHA First Contact

AHHA First Contact (beta) at the Google Play store