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Cash Runner

Cash Runner Keeping It Real

In the section below, we collected some of the Best of the Worst comments posted for our game Cash Runner.  Some of the comments don’t make sense.  These reviews (and comments) are taken directly from the Google Play store.  They are from real people.  Not stooges or hired (fake accounts). They are real comments from real people.  Keeping it real.

Ads. Love or hate them?

Ads are all over the internet.  Some are intrusive and some are straight up nasty.  We here are the Roman Empire Games are here for the Gamer.  That is why we stand with the Gamer in his/her choice to love or hate ads.  That is why you should click the ad to find out whether you love or hate them. 

Real reviews for our game "Cash Runner"

5 out of 5 Stars: "Can't even play it. It crashes as soon as i try to launch"
User Pawn
User: Ethan V******
Job: Geek (may not be actual job)
1 out of 5 Stars: "This game sucks"
Roman Empire Games Bitch
User: Summer Cr********
Job: Bitch (may not be actual job)
4 out of 5 Stars "Simple fun Line runner simple and continous fun." 😀
User Pawn
User: Jorge V**********
Job: Hero (may not be actual job)
We here at the Roman Empire Games, thank each and every one of you for speaking your mind, and for... Keeping It Real.
Game Warrior Sword
Roman Empire Games
Job: The Man (actual job)